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Meet Christine

I’d love to help you with research, writing, editing, and presentations!

I have been a writer and educator for more than twenty years. I spent part of that time as a university professor, which means that I have expertise in producing content for different kinds of audiences as well as editing a wide variety of materials. Being a teacher also gives me experience as an expert presenter.

If you’re curious about my formal credentials, I got my B.A. in History from Penn State University (1999) and my M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies (2006) and my Ph.D. in History from The University of Texas at Austin (2013). I was a professor at Indiana University of Pennsylvania from 2013-2022. I have a wide variety of published academic works. I now live in the Vancouver area and, in addition to my work with Klaxon, I still teach at a small local college.

How does being a university professor help me write for newsletters?

Good question! Being a great professor has several important components, including teaching, research, and writing. The skills that make me an effective teacher also make me an effective writer and content strategist.

Teaching requires assessing the needs of a diverse audience and crafting a clear and compelling narrative. I need to consider similar questions to the ones needed in other types of writing and presentations, such as:

  • What does my audience know (or not know) already?
  • How can I present information in the clearest and most easily digestible way possible?
  • How can I make information interesting to an audience that is sometimes there ‘under duress’? (Students often view their required intro classes as a slog.)
  • How can I present information in a way that will interest and engage audience-members who already know more about the topic without losing audience-members with less familiarity?

As a professor, I am also used to reading and editing the work of a diverse group of writers: from first-year undergraduates to graduate students to my own colleagues. This means that I am good at quickly reading through other people’s writing to assess clarity and effectiveness. (I’m also pretty good at spotting errors in grammar, spelling, and syntax.)


"Christine provided comments and revisions that far exceeded my expectations, on a very tight deadline. Thank you so much, Christine!"

Jodie B